Tourism Neepawa
Box 339, 275 Hamilton Street
Manitoba R0J 1H0
Phone: (204) 476-7600


Where stories take a beautiful turn…

Everybody has a story. Whether you were born and raised in Neepawa, just moved to our beautiful town or have stopped in for a visit, your experiences make up the stories of your life! Here in Neepawa, ethnic diversity brings welcoming change in more ways than just our growing population. Our sense of hometown pride is displayed through our many town-wide community events. You will feel right at home with Neepawa’s quintessential small town experience as you enjoy “good old fashioned personal service” from our stores and shops. Longtime residents and newcomers of all ages and backgrounds fill their time with a variety of recreational sporting activities (to watch or play) and enjoy a healthier lifestyle with Neepawa’s many parks and outdoor trails. Even with the fast pace of modern times and the need to stay current, it’s nice to know that here in Neepawa you can stop, unwind and slow things down a bit.

Neepawa…where stories take a beautiful turn.

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